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Germanium - Cosmético coadyuvantes de la psoriasis
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Germanium Gel
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Germanium Peeling
Germanium Peeling
50 ml.
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There are cases in which the affected area is covered with callused skin, especially around the elbow or knee. This callused skin is formed by keratinized cells, which are dead cells or ones in which the nucleus has disappeared.
So that Germanium Gel or Crema products to have the full effect, it is essential that they enter into contact with vital skin cells. Therefore, this layer of dead cells must first be removed.

How to use: Apply a layer of the product onto the affected area and leave it for 3-5 minutes.
Then, massage the area, rubbing in the particles contained in the product so that the dead cells may begin to come off the living cells. Clean the area well to remove all particles and dead cells.
Avoid contact with eyes during the application as this product contains acid pH and solid particles which can be harmful. Once the application is complete, wash your hands well and apply Germanium Cream.

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